Anderson Plugs

Do you have a caravan or camper trailer that needs a battery to charge while driving (to keep the fridge cold)?

If so then you need an Anderson Plug!

An Anderson plug is the terminology we often use for charge circuits. Large cables run from the car battery to the caravan battery. The Cable on your car is connected to the cable on your caravan (or trailer) through an Anderson plug.

Anderson plugs come in a huge range of sizes, and even colours, with each different size plugs having a different amp rating, and each of the different colours only able to plug into a plug of the same colour.

The most popular Anderson Plug size is the 50 amp plug with #6 contacts

Types of plugs

  1. 12 Pin Plug – Which has medium charge wires
  2. Andersen Plug – With large charge wires

12-pin plugs can also be used to connect the car and caravan batteries, although the charge rate will be less.

Anderson Plug sunshine coast

Anderson Plug with Dust Cover

Anderson plug sunshine coast

Anderson Plug Installed in Tub of Ute


Anderson plug sunshine coast

Flush Mount Anderson Plug

Too much current charging through a 12 pin plug, from accessories such as fridges can cause the pins to melt (a result of the pins not being big enough to carry the current which some of the modern alternators.) Therefore we recommend having an Anderson plug installed if you wish to charge your caravan battery from your car battery (while driving between campsites so you can keep the food in the fridge cold). Having an Andersen Plug means you’ll be able to pass more charge through to the caravan’s battery system. Anderson Plugs are suitable to use on most Dual Battery System Set-ups.

Anderson plugs are designed to handle power rated at 50amps (or more) and are available in various colours and amp ratings.

Available add-ons include: dust caps, handles and extension leads.

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