The dashboards in our vehicles are set up with several different warning lights – this is our vehicles way of communicating with us. Connected to these warning lights is a computer which detects issues with the vehicle’s system. When an issue occurs the corresponding warning light is illuminated prompting you to take action.

Some of the more common lights you may see illuminated are:
bullet_red_more_red_redddddHandbrake light – advising that the handbrake is set
bullet_red_more_red_redddddDoor light – advising that one of the doors is still open
bullet_red_more_red_redddddOil light – advising that the oil level is low or oil pressure low
bullet_red_more_red_redddddSeat belt light – advising that the driver or passenger does not have their seat belt fastened

Other warning lights which may become illuminated are the Engine light, Brake light, Battery light, Airbag light, Coolant light and ABS light. These are important warning lights and should be checked out by a qualified auto electrician. They have the tools required to scan, diagnose and repair faults and ensure your vehicle is running smoothly again. 

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