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Is the airflow in your car air conditioning reduced?
Do you have a mouldy smell in your car you can’t get rid off?
Do you have increased asthma and or hay-fever symptoms when you are in the car?
The reason could be a blocked Cabin Filter in your car’s air conditioning system.

The cabin filter is responsible for filtering out pollen, fungus, dirt/dust & bacteria (oh and leaves) before the air is sent into the car. As you can see in the photo below the Cabin Filter can get pretty blocked up. It is recommended that you replace the filter every 12 months or 15,000km.

If you are have noticed any of the problems we mentioned above give us a call or pop into our Maroochydore Workshop. We offer an AC check to all customers and we check the cabin filter as part of this check. Call us on 0423 193 931 to book your car in.

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