Roo Systems Isuzu MU-X ECU Remapping

Want 48% more torque & 44% more horsepower from your Isuzu MU-X?

Roo Systems Isuzu MU-X ECU Remapping results

Roo Systems dyno tested the Isuzu MU-X before and after the Roo Systems Isuzu MU-X ECU Remapping below are the results of fitting our premium matched custom tune and exhaust package.

Results: Stock standard
Max Horsepower (HP): 98.3
Max Torque (ft-lb): 290

Results: With a Roo Systems custom tune & Exhaust package
Max Horsepower (HP): 131.1
Max Torque (ft-lb): 430

*All before and after dyno figures are at the wheels — not the flywheel

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