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AC Bacterial Treatment

Is your AC smelling kinda funky? Do you suffer from headaches or flu-like symptoms you’ve got the AC on in the car?

There could be a build up of bacteria or mould in your Air Conditioning System.

Even after turning your car off, the evaporator (responsible for removing heat and moisture from inside the cabin) is still filled with moisture and dust. If left to sit for an extended period, over winter, for example, the system can develop a build-up of mould or bacteria, causing these unpleasant odours.

When bacteria or mould is present in your AC system, microparticles can be transferred into the cabin of the car which may lead to health problems such as headaches, drowsiness or flu-like symptoms (sometimes known as ‘Sick Car Syndrome’).

How to fix the problem?

As tempting as it may be to just spray a bit of air freshener in the car and be on your way, it is just a temporary solution. The only way to ensure your system is free of harmful mould, bacteria or allergens is to get it cleaned and serviced by a professional.

At Accelerate Auto Electrics we offer an AC bacterial treatment. During this treatment, a specially formulated solution is sprayed directly into your evaporator, eliminating bacteria, mould and any nasty odours.


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