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Concerned About Trailer Sway When Towing?

There is nothing scarier than experiencing trailer sway when towing. Whether it is caused by a large gust of wind, a big semi-trailer passing by or having to suddenly swerve to avoid a collision. 
The BMPRO Sway Control (BSC) is one of the most intelligent electronic sway control systems on the market. The unique asymmetric system (independent left and right side braking) continuously monitors trailer yaw, rapidly identifies a trailer sway condition and applies braking force on one side of the trailer. This directly counteracts the trailer sway with minimal speed loss and greater stability control.
The BMPRO Sway Control is wired directly into the trailer braking system and automatically adjusts to improve braking effectiveness, and even detect off-road towing conditions.

Key Features:

Fastest Activation and Reaction Time

The BSC measures the angle, travel distance and speed of the lateral motion of the trailer and uses this information to jump into action and apply the brakes on the correct side of the trailer

Reduces and Quickly Corrects Dangerous Trailer Sway

The asymmetric system (left and right side independent braking) has been proven to be far more effective that symmetrical braking systems.

More Effective than Mechanical Hitches at Reducing Severe Sway 

Mechanical sway controls have inherent limitations on how much sway they’re able to reduce. Smaller amounts of sway can be controlled, but our testing showed less reduction for larger sways. The BSC excels at reducing large sway events, reducing sway by over 33%.

Trailer Sway Brake Level Auto Adjustment

Closed-loop sensory feedback allowing the system to independently increase or decrease the right and left side sway control braking levels to compensate for variances in trailer brake condition/efficiency.

Automatic System Disable in Off-Road Conditions

The module continually monitors the sway sensor to detect and activate during trailer sway. It also is able to determine rough terrain during which it disables sway control braking until exiting the rough terrain at which time the system re-enables.

Fully Sealed Water Proof

The system is fully sealed and water proof. It is designed to withstand water from road spray and can even be submerged for short periods of time

LED Status Light

RED/GREEN LED light on a 10 foot cord for mounting in an easily seen location to show the functional status of the unit with different flashing modes for diagnostic troubleshooting.

How it Works

  • The BSC continuously monitors trailer yaw.
  • It has a proprietary algorithm which is used to determine the difference between quick steering to avoid a road obstacle (or other such circumstances) and the rapid onset of a trailer swaying event.
  • It measures the angle, travel distance and speed of the lateral motion of the trailer (and other parameters) and uses this information to quickly intervene with the application of trailer brakes.
  • The processing capability of the TSC is powerful and rapid. It captures all the critical elements of the swaying condition and uses this information to predict how the event will proceed without any driver intervention.
  • It uses this data to get ahead of the event by applying the brakes on the correct side of the trailer, in a timely manner, with the proper braking level for the required duration.
  • This quickly dampens and brings the trailer sway under control.