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$97 AC Service & Regas

Car Air Conditioning not performing as well it used to? Get your car’s Air Conditioning sorted out and avoid sweating through Summer!

Our highly experienced technicians are all fully qualified and licenced auto electricians who can provide solutions for a wide range of vehicle Air Conditioning faults.


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Please allow for the vehicle to be left with us for up to 4 hours.

Please do not make arrangements with your vehicle until you have received confirmation of your booking from one of our team members.

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Keep your cool with the best value AC Service on the Coast $97 AC Service (inc. regas)

What’s included in the Standard AC Service:

  • Check A/C system pressure levels
  • Inspect for leaks
  • Recover all gas
  • Pressure Test with Nitrogen
  • Evacuate System
  • Re-gas system with new R134a and UV dye

$97 AC Service must be completed at our Maroochydore workshop. Offer subject to change without notice. Additional costs may apply to repair or replace parts. 

$55 Inspection Fee Terms:

This fee only applies if we can not proceed with the AC Service.

If the technician can not go ahead with the service due to a major leak or system fault we will complete a full quote to repair or replace the parts required. If you do not go ahead with the quote on the day you will be charged a $55 inspection fee. If you go ahead with the quote within 3 months the initial inspection, the inspection fee will be refunded. The inspection fee covers the cost of:

  • Checking A/C system pressure levels
  • Inspecting for leaks
  • Recovering all gas
  • Pressuring Test with Nitrogen

How Do I Know if My AC Needs Servicing?

You should probably get your AC checked if you have noticed…  

  • It’s not getting as cold as it used to
  • A reduction in airflow
  • Unusual or unpleasant smells coming out of the vents
  • Unfamiliar noises when the AC switched on

Still not sure? Take a look at our 4 at-home AC checks you can do to see if your AC needs to be looked at by a professional auto electrician.

Why Service my Car Air Conditioning System?

Your car air conditioning system contains many parts and just like any modern technology it needs regular care and attention to keep it running well.

In your car air conditioning system the compressor may seize if it runs out of oil, the cabin filter becomes clogged with dust, bacteria and moisture, which may cause the entire system to stop working. The car air conditioning system also has many rubber o-rings and valves that often perish over time and cause gas to leak.

Regular maintenance and servicing of your car’s AC system can help to identify small issues and may help to prevent costly repairs in the future. 

How Often Should I Service my Car Air Conditioning System?

We recommend having your car air conditioning system serviced every two years, this is the easiest way to prevent expensive breakdowns. Most cars will leak some gas over time which means your AC won’t get as cold as it used to and may even stop working altogether.