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Electronic Rust Proofing

Living by the sea, rust and corrosion is a common problem for Sunshine Coast car owners

Electronic Rust Proofing replaces traditional coating methods by using electricity to prevent or control rust on steel. There are various forms of electronic rust protection, some technologies have been in daily use protecting ocean-going vessels, underground pipelines, offshore oil rigs, bridges and other large capital investments for over forty years.

Benefits of Electronic Rust Proofing

Slows the spread of new and existing rust

Reaches parts of vehicle that can’t be coated by standard rust protection

Can reduce maintenance costs and prolong life of vehicle

Can help prevent electrolysis caused by dissimilar metals

Units can be transferred between cars

Environmentally friendly

Up to 10 years warranty

Fits any size vehicle, from small passenger cars to mining machinery

What causes Rust?

Rust is the normal electrochemical process of metals returning to their natural unrefined state. It occurs when Oxygen, Iron and Water (air molecules) combine. The rusting process can be quickened when Iron is subjected to natures minerals, chemicals and temperature fluctuations.


As all cars are made from steel and metal containing iron they are subjected to the rusting process. Unprotected cars will rust and require maintenance and repairs.

How Electronic Rust Proofing Systems Work

Cathodic Protection Systems have been used to control corrosion in ships, jetties, and land-based fixed structures like bridges, tanks, and subterranean metal structures for over 40 years.

These systems have been adapted to work in free air structures such as motor vehicles and mobile plant and machinery. The systems leverage an optimal combination of voltage and frequency to provide maximum corrosion suppression.

Operating continually from the vehicles battery or power source (without draining supply), the system induces a strong negative electrolysis charge into the structure of the vehicle. This interferes with the electrical charge between iron and oxygen making it harder for them to combine and form rust.


Backed by more than 20 years of research and development and scientific testing, these electronic rust proofing systems are guaranteed to protect your vehicle from rust.

The electronic rust proofing systems we install are covered by a minimum 5-year product replacement guarantee as well as a vehicle corrosion warranty for up to 10 years.

Certified to Australian, New Zealand, US and European electromagnetic compliance standards which guarantee the system won’t interfere with computers, electronics or the human body.

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