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Caravan Electrics

Unlimited Power for Off-Grid Caravaning

4 Reasons to upgrade your Caravan’s Electrical System

Off-Grid / Free Camping Solutions

Keep the lights on, fridge cold and devices powered up when you travel away from 240 volt power.

Extra Power for
Life’s Luxuries

Want to run your Air Conditioning, Coffee Machine or Microwave? But don’t want to be in a Caravan Park? 

Save Weight and
Have More Power

Upgrade your existing battery system to Lithium to save up to 60% of your battery weight in the van!

Harness the Power
of the Sun

Make power while the sun shines and store it to use later. Solar Panels are a must-have for Free Camping.

Ready to make the switch to Lithium?

If you want to take your caravan power system to the next level, a lithium upgrade is the answer. Check out this massive lithium set up we completed.

Want to run AC in your caravan off-grid?

Yes, it’s possible to run your AC in the caravan when free camping, provided you have the power system to manage it. Watch the video below to find out how.

Off Grid Set Up for Free Camping

With the correct setup you can pull up anywhere and still have the creature comforts of home. With the correct setup you won’t need to rely on powered campsites to keep all your devices running.

An off grid setup will allow you to run devices like – Air Conditioning, Coffee Machine, Toaster, Kettle, Hair Straightener, Washing Machine, Dishwasher and charge your phone, camera, laptop and power tools while avoiding costly powered campsites.

Here at Accelerate we specialise in finding a solution that matches your needs, caravan and budget. We can put together a power system for your vehicle, camper trailer, caravan, motorhome or boat to keep you out of the caravan parks and off the beaten track for as long as you want!

Solar Panels

Gone are the days where you need to run the cars engine or turn on a noisey and fuel guzzling generator to charge the batteries in your caravan.

The key to staying off grid is being able to harness the sun.  Solar, creates no noise, no fumes, and it is environmentally sustainable.  Solar has no ongoing cost, no moving parts and an abundant power source.  In our opinion Solar Panels are the best option to keep your caravan batteries charged up while you are enjoying the tranquility of a free camp.

We’ve got your solar sorted! Whether it’s a portable panel for a weekend of camping, a fixed panel to fit on the roof of your car or a bank of panels on top of the caravan or RV for the once in a life time adventure – Accelerate can advise on the best panels for you.

Upgrade to Lithium Batteries

If you are wanting to save weight in the caravan or 4WD, Lithium is the solution. Switching your batteries to lithium can save you up to 60% in volume and weight in comparison to your standard lead-acid batteries of an equivalent capacity.

A Lithium battery system is also highly efficient with ultra-fast charging, and the ability to withstand up to 3 times as many charging cycles compared to their traditional lead-acid counterparts. 

If you are wanting to be more self-sufficient when camping, save weight in the caravan, or you are planning to live the free camping life on the road, Lithium Batteries are by far the best option.

We can install a new Lithium system or upgrade your existing system.  Cars, 4WDs, Caravan’s, Camper-Trailers, #VANLIFE – you name it – we can add Lithium to it.

Electrical Repairs & Fault Diagnosis

There’s nothing worse than arriving at camp in the dark to discover the lights in your caravan won’t turn on or the water pump isn’t working.  The modern caravan is filled with all the creature comforts of home which means loads of electrics hidden in the walls.  Our team of qualified auto electricians are expert fault finders. We offer a mobile service – so there’s no need to move the van. Some common problems we can fix

– Batteries not charging as well as they used to
– Lights not working inside or outside the van
– Water Pump is not working
– Low solar output
– Batteries draining too quick
– Water gauges reading incorrectly
– Need to reduce weight in caravan
– Caravan sways easily when being towed

Braking & Electronic Stability Control

When you are towing a caravan, safety should always be the main priority!

In Australia trailers (including caravan’s) with a GTM exceeding 750kgs must have electronic brakes. If you have a caravan or trailer with electric brakes you will need an Electric Brake Controller. We install and recommend Redarc and Elecbrakes branded brake controllers.  

If your caravan is already fitted with ESC then we can connect it with your tow vehicle. If your caravan does not have ESC fitted then we can retrofit Electronic Stability Control to your caravan and car. We can supply and fit BMPRO Sway Control Units or your brand preference. 

It is a legal requirement in all states of Australia that caravans over two tonnes GMT (gross trailer mass) are fitted with a caravan breakaway system. At Accelerate we fit and repair all breakaway systems to adhere to current laws. If you’re unsure if your caravan/trailer breakaway system is up to legal standards feel free to give us a call.


You don’t have to give up on life’s little luxuries when you’re off camping, you can run all your 240 Volt appliances without being at a powered campsite? But you’re going to need an inverter.

An inverter converts the direct current (DC) power that solar panels create to alternating current (AC) power that 240volt appliances need to run.

But what size do you need? The size of the inverter you will need is dependent on a few factors: The number of appliances you will be powering, the type of devices you will be powering and the size of your batteries

If you are wanting to run low-draw 240V devices like TVs, laptops and lights, a 300W – 600W size inverter should be enough.

However, if you are looking to run higher powered devices such as kettles, toasters, coffee machines or even Air Conditioning there are a few more things to consider. 

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Thanks to Accelerate Auto Electrics & Air-conditioning for our recent 12 pin plug installation and upgrade of our Anderson plug wiring to assist in battery charging when driving. Looking forward to dropping off our new caravan in May to get the electrical system upgraded to Enerdrive components and a lithium battery.

If you have any work you need done, go and see them. Great prices, great quote system and helpful staff. They even worked in with my weird rotating roster to get work done.
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