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Dual Battery Systems

Powering up your next adventure

Top 4 reasons you need a Dual Battery System

Power a Portable Fridge/Freezer

Now that you have a 12 volt camping fridge you need a dual battery system to keep the beers and snags cold. Read More here..

Charge Up Your Devices or Work Tools

Phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, coffee machines or cordless drills. You name it a Dual Battery System will charge it.

Travel off the Beaten Track

Want to adventure a little further on your next trip? Keep everything powered up regardless of where you travel.

Free Camping and Staying Off the Grid

Enjoy the freedom of camping without having to rely on powered sites in caravan parks. Stay self sufficient with 12 volt power.

Available For:

Any Vehicle

Available For:

Toyota Landcruiser, Toyota Prado Toyota Hilux, Mitsubishi Pajero

Available For:

Ford Ranger (PX1 PX2 PX3), Mazda BT50
Mitsubishi Triton MQ & MR

Available For:

Any Ute, Dual Cab or Trailer with a Canopy

Where Can I put A Dual Battery System?

Your options depend on what vehicle make and model you have.
Check out this video for locations.

Which Dual Battery System Do I need?

Confused with all the options? VSR, Isolator, DC-DC Charger…. Our short 3 part series will help you make up your mind.

Portable Battery Boxes

A battery box is a great long term investment as it is portable and you can move it from your car to your mates or to a new vehicle if you buy one.  A portable box can can be fitted to any vehicle, 4wd’s, Cars, Boats, Trailers, Vans, Buses, Trucks… and anywhere.

We can supply and install brand name battery boxes or we can build a custom box to suit your needs – with the DC-DC charger or isolator of your choice plus all the outlets and sockets your heart desires.

We make the custom portable battery boxes to order, jump over to our online store and take a look at the options.  Each box comes ready for you to use. We can supply the box only or we can install it into your vehicle so it will charge while you are driving.  

Under Bonnet Dual Battery Systems

If you drive a Toyota Hilux, Landcruiser or Prado then you are in luck as generally there is space in the engine bay to fit a second (dual) battery. 

For most people, an under bonnet dual battery system is an ideal option as it keeps the auxiliary battery out of the way and doesn’t take up valuable space inside the vehicle.

The DC-DC charger will usually go also under the bonnet and we can run cables to anywhere in the vehicle you would like power outlets or solar input.

Behind Seat Dual Battery Systems

This is the ultimate dual battery solution for Dual Cab Utes that can’t fit a battery under the bonnet. We have engineered a complete dual battery system that can fit behind the rear seat.

Behind the seat, we can fit a Slimline Battery a Redarc DC-DC, an 6 circuit fuse box, Solar input and Anderson plug (check out the photos below).

This solution is perfect as it mounts behind the rear seat and is wired to your charge system to charge the battery while you are driving. We can run cable to anywhere in the vehicle you would like power outlets or solar input.

If you have a Ford Ranger, Mazda BT50 or Mitsubishi Triton then we can definitely fit a behind seat dual battery system in your Dual Cab Ute. If you have another dual cab we can measure it up to see if it will fit.

Want to install it yourself? Shop our DIY kits online here.

Custom Canopy Fitout

We can build the ultimate tourer for you with a custom-designed canopy dual battery system. We work with you to ensure the custom fit-out powers up all the devices you want to take touring or even just to the job site.  We offer all the big names like Enerdrive, Redarc, Invicta, Revolution, Victron and Safiery to ensure you get the right product for your needs.

We offer consultations with one of our electrical experts to map out your canopy layout and to make the battery system suits your needs and budget.  Then you get to sit back and let us work our 12 volt magic.

Lithium Battery Upgrades

If you are wanting to save weight in the caravan or 4WD, Lithium is the solution. Switching your batteries to lithium can save you up to 70% in volume and weight in comparison to your standard lead-acid batteries of an equivalent capacity.

A Lithium battery system is also highly efficient with ultra-fast charging, and the ability to withstand up to 3 times as many charging cycles compared to their traditional lead-acid counterparts.

If you are wanting to be more self-sufficient when camping, save weight in the caravan, or you are planning to live the free camping life on the road, Lithium Batteries are by far the best option.

We can install a new Lithium system or upgrade your existing system.  Cars, 4WDs, Caravan’s, Camper-Trailers, #VANLIFE – you name it – we can add Lithium to it.

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Customer Testimonials

Happy with the repaired ac
Robert John M.
07:36 10 Nov 21
So impressed with the ac service and quick repair your team did on our car! It is now super cool, and coming into summer, it will be a delight to drive around! Thank you!!!
Evelyn C.
09:53 27 Oct 21
Thanks to Andrew and the team at Accelerate Auto, we had our Jayco Silverline converted to Lithium set-up with an inverter and extra solar panels etc, we used the van mostly off grid all the way, right up to the tip of Cape York and back via the outback. Everything performed above what we expected. We would highly recommend Accelerate Auto to anyone needing to upgrade their Caravan or camper....talk to these guys, they really know their stuff. Once again thanks Andrew and the team.
Gaz M.
21:25 22 Oct 21
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EMAIL: Drojospelltemple867@gmail.com or his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/101345921687052/posts/124009092754068/?app=fbl
Alimi Abiodunkudirat K.
21:35 14 Oct 21
Finally got installed in my ute, very happy with it
Scott P.
04:20 22 Sep 21
Although our decision making in upgrading the electrics on our two year old jayco caravan was a bit of process, Andrew, Craig and the team at accelerate were awesome. They were patient, awesome to deal with and very open to our decision making and concerns. Now, we have a caravan that we can take 100% off grid and never need to plug into power, as long as the sun is shining. Highly recommend these guys. If we were to buy another caravan which did not have the electrical system our current van has now, accelerate would be our first port of call. Thanks guys
Tim R.
10:07 03 Sep 21
These guys are the bomb when it comes to getting your caravan or 4x4 fitted out. We had a full Lithium/solar system fitted to our new caravan as well as a dual Lithium setup in our 4x4. We have since moved on our 4x4 and just had our new 4x4 fitted out with the same and also setup to connect to our caravan again. These guys know there stuff, do awesome work and they care about their customers needs. Great Service guys keep up the good work.
Highly recommended.
Tony F.
08:34 01 Sep 21
very honest ,took territory in with stability control issue ,and a couple of instrument panel issues, they did diagnostic tests, found code errors, reset and honestly gave feed back if diodes fail what to expect
Kieran M.
08:42 14 Aug 21
Recently had a problem with my Elecbrake Remote The tech put it on test fault advised They spoke to manufacturer and a new remote delivered with in 24hours My dealings with this company is 5stars plus Kept me informed on progress
Very highly recommended and would not hesitate to recommend to others
Well done
FayRoss C.
23:01 05 Aug 21
Setting up our Vitara for Flat owing.. spoke with Andrew who came up with a slimline Power Hub. Fits across the rear luggage compartment and allows plenty of room for a fridge. Work was promised and delivered on time. The quality of the workmanship is exceptional. Fantastic effort from Andrew and the Accelerate team. Thank you
Greg N.
09:30 24 Jul 21

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