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The battery is the backbone of your cars electrical system and it needs regular attention to keep getting you where you’re going.

We can fit new car batteries to all types of cars, as well as 4wds, trucks, heavy machinery, motorcycles, caravans, commercial vehicles and marine crafts.

We stock a large range of SuperCharge & RACQ Batteries to fit:
  • Cars
  • 4WDs
  • Trucks
  • Earth Moving
  • Boats
  • Caravans
We also offer:

Car Batteries FAQ


Do the batteries come with a warranty?

Yes. Depending on the type of battery you buy, you will get either a 2year or 3year Australia-wide Warranty

Do you supply batteries for motorcycles?

Yes. We carry a range of motorcycle batteries to suit the most popular motorcycles.

Do you supply batteries for Caravans, RVs & Motorhomes

Yes. We have a large range of batteries to suit 4WDs, Caravans, Motorhomes & RVs

Do you fit batteries?

Yes, all prices quoted are to supply and install batteries.

How long should my car battery last?

It depends on a number of conditions like

  • Proper installation
  • The climate in which the car operates
  • How often the car is used
  • How regularly the battery and car are maintained.



Common Car Battery Myths Busted!

What are the different types of Car Batteries?

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