Electronic Brake Controller

Accelerate Auto Electrics supply and fit a wide variety of Electronic Brake Controllers to suit all makes and models of vehicles.

When you are towing a caravan, safety should always be a main priority!

In Australia trailers (including caravan’s) with a GTM exceeding 750kgs must have electronic brakes.  If you have a caravan or trailer with electric brakes, the caravan brakes will not work unless you have an Electronic brake controller in your car. This device can be attached under, or in the dash of your vehicle, or sometimes in the centre console. It is wired to the car’s battery, the stop light circuit and also to the seven or twelve pin socket into which the caravan plug connects. Its installation is virtually independent of the vehicle’s electrical circuit and has no conflict with car computers or ABS Braking Systems. Installation time varies depending upon the vehicle and brake controller model.

Why We Recommend the Redarc TowPro Elite

A wide range of Caravan Electric Brake Controllers are available but they all operate on similar principles. Power is fed from the vehicles stoplights into the controller then back to the caravan through the plug and socket. This allows the caravan brakes to come on automatically when you apply the vehicle brakes. The characteristics of the power flow will vary from unit to unit. We recommend a pendulum based or proportional brake controller. Why? Because a proportional controller sends a variable amount of power to the caravan brakes, in proportion to the stopping motion of the motor vehicle. This will deliver smoother and more responsive braking in all situations. Most controllers also have a manual device which allows the user to apply the caravan brakes independent of the car brakes. This is a helpful feature that can assist with correcting caravan sway or instability.

We install and recommend Tekonsha and Redarc branded brake controllers. Price’s will vary depending on which controller you would like and what vehicle you are installing it into.

Redarc TowPro Elite vs Tekonsha P3

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