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Today we fitted out a Mitsubishi Triton MQ with an all-new Redarc TowPro Elite!

On this Mitsubishi Triton, we installed a Redarc TowPro Elite and an Anderson Plug. The Redarc Towpro Elite is a very popular towing device, The Electric Brake controller works by monitoring how hard the vehicle is braking and applies a proportional amount of braking to the trailer to suit that application at the time. You can read more about the Tow-Pro Elite here!

We also installed an Anderson Plug, this is used for the charging circuit that runs cables from your Vehicle to your Caravan, the cables are connected to the Vehicle battery and the Caravan battery to charge both units. To read more about Anderson Plugs, click here!

No matter what you tow, we can find a solution to suit your vehicle. Whether its a full towing setup with all the bells and whistles or just replacing a single plug on your towbar. Just drop us an email or phone call and ask for a quote!

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