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Enerdrive Lithium Battery System on Option RV Caravan

We’ve recently worked on this Option RV Caravan, installing Enerdrive Lithium Battery System, here’s an overview of what we did:

  • Upgraded Anderson plug wiring to suit Lithium charge capacity
  • Fitted Enerdrive DC-DC Charger in Battery compartment
  • Fitted 200Ah Enerdrive Lithium Battery in replacement of AGM battery
  • Installed E-Pro battery monitor
The Install:

To start with, we removed 2x 120ah batteries, their battery brackets, and the Voltech solar regulator.

We then fitted a Enerdrive 200ah Lithium B-Tech battery under the seat in their caravan, this was installed in replacement to the AGM Batteries. We also custom made the battery brackets and secured the battery in place with tie-down straps to prevent the battery from moving during travel.

Next, we fitted the Enerdrive DC-DC ePower Battery charger as close to the battery as necessary and upgraded vehicle input cable to accommodate for the charge of lithium battery type. We also programmed the DC-DC from Enerdrive for optimum Lithium charge and fused the DC-DC Charger output accordingly. As well as this, we reinstalled the Voltech solar regulator and re-routed solar to charge through Enerdrive DC-DC.

The last install was the Enerdrive E-Pro plus battery monitor, we fitted the monitor in the cupboard where all controls are located. Wired E-Pro plus shunt as directed, mounting it as close to the battery as instructed and programmed the E-Pro plus.

To finish, we changed settings in Voltech 240v charger to suit Lithium algorithm and tidied up all the wiring in the battery compartment and replaced bad fuse connections with 30A rated inline fuses.