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Today we completed a custom 1975 Ford Fairlane 500 ZG Series AC System installation…

This 1975 Ford Fairlane 500 ZG Series came into us because the customer wanted their AC system restored. The Ford Fairlane did have an existing AC system so we sourced genuine parts to get the system back up and running.  Here’s a break down of the work we completed. 

First up we mounted the compressor using the original mounts. The technician had to custom make bolts to suit the mounts. We then fitted the new receiver drier and mounting brackets. 

Next up the technician made up all new hoses and fittings to suit each of the components and also installed the new TX Valve. Once all the new components were installed we flushed and pressure tested the system. 

We also completed some wiring and electrical repairs on the Ford Fairlane. We repaired the blower fan and replaced a faulty fan switch. There was also damaged wiring in the cigarette socket which was repaired. 

Once all the components of the AC System were installed we completed an AC Service which includes a re-gas with R134A gas and UV dye. After a few adjustments here and there, the AC system was up and running in the Ford Fairlane. 

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