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Ford Ranger PX II Redarc Tow-Pro Elite, Dual Battery Systems and Fridge & Battery power supplies for a Caravan.

Recently we had a Ford Ranger come into us seeking Towing and Caravan Setup in approach of the Easter Holidays. For this job we Fitted REDARC TowPro Elite Brake Controller and Anderson plug to the rear of the car. We installed a Dual Battery system via BCDC1240D, Solar ready and installed sockets and REDARC dual volt gauge. All installations listed below:
  • Towing set up
  • REDARC dual volt gauge
  • Engel fridge socket
  • 2x Cigarette sockets in flush mount panel
  • 1x Dual USB in flush mount panel
  • Solar Ready
  • 128AH Deep Cycle Battery
  • BCDC1240D

To start with we installed the Tow-Pro Elite Electric Brake controller. The Electric Brake controller works by monitoring how hard the vehicle is braking and applies a proportional amount of braking to the trailer to suit that application at the time. You can read more about the Tow-Pro Elite here!

The next install was the REDARC dual voltage gauge which is a device that allows you to track the charge rates of your Dual Battery System. The gauge identifies when your battery voltage is dropping below normal and climbs above normal, being excessive overcharge. The G52-VVA gauge has pre-set alert levels (<11V and >16V) to notify you of these situations by changing the gauge backlight colour to either amber or red, and initiate an audible beep when the vehicle’s ignition is on.

Another one of our installations was the REDARC DC Battery Charger, this installation works by separating the DC and Solar charging inputs, maximising the performance of the Dual Battery system.

Lastly, an Anderson plug was installed on the rear of the vehicle. The Anderson plug is used for the charging circuit that runs cables from your Vehicle to your Caravan, the cables are connected to the Vehicle battery and the Caravan battery to charge both units. To read more about Anderson Plugs, click here!

For the fridge and battery supplies to the caravan, we installed 2x Cigarette sockets in flush mount panel and 1x Dual USB in flush mount panel and Engel fridge socket with low voltage cut out to prevent battery damage.

See the job photos below!