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Recently we fitted out a Mercedes Sprinter 906 NCV3 with Solar Panels and DC-DC Charger.

On this Mercedes Sprinter, we installed Solar Panels onto the roof of the van and installed a DC-DC Charger.

We installed 2 x Thunder 120W Solar Panels on the roof, mounted with feet. Solar panels are a great money saver as you may know, and also come with a few extra benefits up their sleeve: super quiet – No noisy generators, clean – does not pollute the environment and most importantly free energy while you’re camping or caravanning. With the right setup, you can go anywhere for as long as you like, without sacrificing the necessities like a fridge and mobile devices.

We also installed a 20A Thunder DC-DC Charger on the Mercedes Sprinter. The DC-DC Charger is a smart way to charge your auxiliary battery, no matter your vehicle. The Thunder DC-DC Charger utilises a unique pulse charging algorithm with the intelligence to determine the best charge rate for your auxiliary battery.

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