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Recently we completed a Nissan Patrol Rear Vision Camera Installation.

For this Nissan Patrol Rear Vision Camera Installation, we installed a Safety Dave Rear Vision Camera that was supplied by the customer.

The customer had just purchased a new caravan, with a camera on the back, and needed the camera’s dash monitor and wiring installed. Having a rear vision camera at the back of your caravan is a great option for those who enjoy additional visibility and peace of mind when towing.

Our specialised Auto Technicians are more than happy to fit any 12-volt accessories you have purchased yourself to your caravan, trailer or vehicle. We can also supply all the 12-volt accessories you might need for your caravan or 4WD at competitive prices.

If you are looking to tow a new caravan or head off-road in the 4WD, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team for any enquiries you may have!