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Regent Caravan Tuson Sway Control System

We recently worked on this Regent Caravan, installing a custom Tuson Sway Contol System. 

The Install:

The install was pretty straight forward with the technician installing the unit as per the manufacturer’s instructions.  The technician ran wires from the unit to each side of the caravan brakes. He also ran wires from the unit to the draw bar and fitted an Anderson plug for connection to the vehicle. The LED indicator was fitted to the front of the caravan and the unit was connected up to the caravan battery and electric brakes. 

About the Tuson Sway Control:

The Tuson Sway Control (TSC) is one of the most intelligent electronic sway control systems on the market. The unique asymmetric system (independent left and right side braking) continuously monitors trailer yaw, rapidly identifies a trailer sway condition and applies braking force on one side of the trailer. This directly counteracts the trailer sway with minimal speed loss and greater stability control.

Read more about the Tuson Sway Control System Here 

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