Struggling To Measure Your Caravan Ball Weight?

The Weigh Safe Drop Hitch is the one and only trailer hitch that has a built-in scale to effectively measure the ball weight of your towing load. Improving the vehicle tow load balance, resulting in a much safer and enjoyable towing experience.

Before this ball mount, gauging your trailer’s tongue weight was a hassle. You had to rely on inefficient bathroom scales, make a trip to the weigh station, or purchase a separate tongue weight scale.

With the Weigh Safe’s built-in scale, measuring your ball weight is as easy as coupling your trailer to your tow ball.

  • Complete setup – hitch, ball and weigh scale.

  • Adjust height depending upon trailer requirements.

  • No need for commercial scales to check ball weight.

  • Aircraft grade aluminium and stainless steel construction.


  • Solid construction – not hollow
  • Lighter weight than steel
  • Inserts into a standard hitch receiver
  • Easy assembly
  • Adjustable height – up to 4” hitch drop down
  • Key locked pins
  • Rustproof – no corrosion


  • 50mm Stainless Steel Ball
  • Shank and Assembly 6061 T6 Aluminium
  • ADR approved
  • SAE J684 certified, VESC Regulations V-5 compliant

How it works:

  • Hitch ball provides a connection point to your trailer’s coupler.
  • Pressure on the ball sends a reading to the built-in scale that measures ball weight (kgs). The system lets you know if your load needs to be adjusted before you tow.
  • Guidelines for proper towing state ball weight should be no less than 10% of gross trailer mass (GTM) and no more than 15% of GTM. For example, ball weight for a 3T trailer should be no less than 300 kg and no more than 450 kg.
  • Gross Trailer Mass (GTM) is the maximum load that your trailer is designed to carry as specified by its manufacturer. It is the combined weight of your trailer and its payload but does not include the tow ball mass (the downward weight). The GTM is usually displayed on the trailer or in the owner’s manual.

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