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Recently we fitted out a 2019 Isuzu DMAX with a custom Canopy Dual Battery System

For this Isuzu DMAX Canopy Dual Battery System we installed:

  • 125Ah ZEAL AGM Deep Cycle Battery
  • Redarc BCDC1225 Battery Charger
  • Accelerate Custom Battery Box
  • Thunder 150W Solar Panel
  • Red & Grey Anderson Plugs
  • Cigarette 12V Power Sockets
  • Digital Voltmeter
  • Dual USB
  • 6 Way Fuse Box

If you need a custom dual battery system for your canopy, or if you want to upgrade your existing system to a complete off-grid solution, get in touch today. We have technicians on hand who can come up with a customised solution to suit your 12 volt needs. You can call us at 5479 6652 or contact us online.