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If you are heading off road in your 4wd and going camping one of the must haves is a dual battery system. It’s the best solution to keep your food and drinks cold and your gadgets powered. Unfortunately, you can’t just come on in and purchase a 2nd battery and plug your fridge and devices into it. You run the risk of draining it flat, and worse still, running your starting battery flat too.

When looking at buying a dual battery system, we recommend that you do some serious research and planning first. You need to ensure that you have enough power to keep your fridge cold and still start the car.

One of the most common questions we get asked when chatting to customers about dual battery systems is… What is the difference between a Smart Isolator, DC-DC Charger and Battery Management System? We have put together this series of three videos explaining these options and the pros and cons of each.

PART 1: Smart Battery Isolator

Let’s jump on in and take a look at the easiest and simplest option, the Battery Isolator, also known as a Smart Battery Isolator. The most common type of isolator is a Voltage Sensitive Solenoid. Check out the video…

PART 2: DC-DC Charger

Now we are going to delve into the next level up in dual batteries, the DC to DC charger or more commonly known by Redarc as a BCDC. Like the Battery Isolator, the DC to DC Charger will always protect your starter battery. This means you will always be left with enough power to start the car. Watch the video for more…

PART 3: Battery Management System

Now we are going to delve into the next level up in dual batteries, the battery management system or BMS. The BMS like a DC-DC charger allows you to charge the auxiliary battery from both your car alternator and solar panels. The main reason you upgrade to a BMS is if you want to be able to charge your auxiliary batteries from 240volt. Take a look at the video for a low down of the BMS.

Hopefully, this series has helped you identify what type of Dual Battery System will suit your needs best. If you are looking to install a Dual Battery System, the highly qualified technicians at Accelerate Auto Electrics specialise in custom fit outs for 4WDs, Caravans, Trucks and more. Get in touch with the team to discuss your needs today on 07 5479 6652.

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