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Hey guys, Briohny here from Accelerate. We’re here with all of our Safety Dave products. We’re going to run you through all the different products you can purchase on our website, and what comes in each kit.

Rear Vision Camera Kit for Cars

So the first one that we start off with is what we call the reverse camera kit for car. So, basically what it comes with is either your choice of screen. So you can go the 5.8-inch sun shield one, or the 7-inch rear vision mirror one. It then comes standard with the kit is your seven and a half metre cable. A dust cap, your power loom, an extra one-metre cable, and also a remote. Now the awesome thing about the Safety Dave stuff is that it’s all plug and play. So basically you’ve got a cable here and in this one here and they just plug in together and screw in. So it is nice and easy to install yourself if you so choose. 

Types of Monitors

So in our reception now we’re just going to show you the different – two different monitors that we’ve got. So this is the one that clips over your rear vision mirror. So both of them have a function where they’ve got the V1 and V2, and that allows you to switch between the different channels. Both the monitors have a microphone in there. Oh, sorry. The cameras have microphones in there – so you will get sound through these as well. So this is a seven inch one. And then this one up here is a 5.8 inch, and it comes with the sun shield here. So it gives a little bit of protection. 

So Andrew has this one in his 79 series. He loves it because he’s got the canopy on the back. So it’s a permanent thing there. I use this one when I’m just towing. So, this one I can un-clip and I can put it in my glove box or somewhere safe when we’re not towing. And it’s out of my field of vision and I don’t have it distracting me while I’m everyday driving. So this is a really great option. If you are towing and the sun protection one is fantastic as well. 

Types of Cameras

So what also comes in that car kit is your choice of cameras. So I’ll run you through the cameras quickly here. You could do a licence plate camera. So this one’s really popular. It goes above your licence plate number and sits in there. You’ve got the little butterfly mount camera as well. This one here. And then more for your cars, or your canopy type setups, sorry caravans or canopy type setups. You’ve got the square cameras here. So you’ve got choices of white or black and then same in the round one here. You’ve got your choice of the white or the black one. 

Improve Visibility Behind a Canopy

So having a canopy set up on the back of your Ute is becoming increasingly popular. But one of the big problems is you can’t see a thing behind with that canopy on. So what’s becoming really popular is putting in a reverse camera, like this one here on the back of the canopy. And that way you can have it on the whole time you’re driving and see everything right behind you. Okay? We’re in the cab of the 79 series here, and this has got the canopy camera on the back of it. So as you can see, here’s a rear vision mirror monitor the Safety Dave thing. Andrew actually leaves his protector on there. He thinks it just cuts out a bit of the sun reflection. But you can see the cars on, I’m not in reverse and I can permanently see what behind us. And it gives us a really wide field of vision. 

Rear Vision Camera Kit for Caravans

So then jumping into the next camera kit that we do. So we do the reverse camera kit which is a single-camera kit that goes on the back of the caravan. And so the same again, you get your choice of monitors. You get the choice of your cameras. What extra is included in this is basically a 15- extra 15-metre cable. So this is going to run the length of your caravan. 

Optional Extra: WOZA Cable

And then an additional option that you can purchase as well that we really like to add to your caravan kits is what we call the WOZA cable. So this one here. And then it comes with your car side and your van side mount. So we like these. So over these sort of little cables here they actually twist and connect in. So there are a lot more secure. They’re not going to come undone when you’re on those corrugated or bumpy roads or even off-road with the caravan. So it’s just a lot better connection for your camera there. 

So we happen to have this caravan in now that has a Safety Dave WOZA kit installed on it. So you can see here, it comes with the mounting bracket. You get two of these. One for your caravan, one for your car. You then have your car side- sorry, caravan side bracket. You’ve got your cable here, that you can see it basically unscrews and screws in and it’s quite a tight connection. And then this one will mount into your car as well.

Dual Rear Vision Camera Kit Cars & Caravans

So after the single caravan kit, you can then go into the reverse camera dual kit which is for car and caravan. So what that means is you need a reverse camera to go onto your car and also one to go onto your caravan. So these two monitors here with your power loom, they do have the option to plug in two cameras. So what you will be doing is you’ll be choosing a screen. So the same again, either one of these screens. You’ll be choosing a reverse camera for your car. Probably these two are your most common here unless you’ve got a canopy. And then also a reverse camera for your caravan. So on top of the screen kit, the two… reverse cameras you’re also going to get a second seven and a half metre cable. So you’ll have two seven and a half metre cables, and then also an extra 15-metre cable there as well. So these ones will both run the length of your car. One to your reverse camera, that’s on your car. One to- where you mount your WOZA cable or whatever you’re going to use to connect it to your caravan. And then the 15-metre one again runs to your caravan. 

So we also sell individually the replacement screens. If you just need to purchase one of those, we’ve got that for you. You can buy the cameras individually as well after the fact. And then the WOZA kit, as I said, is a separate product on there. And it is a really great option if you are towing a caravan for set up. So that’s pretty much it. 

There are three different kits that you need either the car one, the caravan one or the dual-purpose car and caravan kit. As always, if you have any questions you can email us at info@amae.net.au or give us a call on 07 5479 6652.