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Recently we fitted out a Dodge Ram with a custom Canopy Dual Battery System

For this Dodge Ram Canopy Dual Battery System we installed:

  • Slimline Sentry 100Ah Lithium Battery
  • Enerdrive DC-DC 40+ Battery Charger
  • Enerdrive 120 Watt Solar Panel
  • Custom Made Control Panel
  • Interior Lights with Dimmer Switch
  • Anderson Plugs
  • Cigarette 12V Power Sockets
  • Dual USB
  • Custom Wiring Fitout

This was well and truely a custom fit out. Every element was tailored to the customer’s specific needs. 

To start with we installed the custom made control panel into the passenger side of the canopy. Next up we installed the Enerdrive DC2DC Charger for vehicle/solar charging operations. We then installed the 6-way fuse box, 3x Cigarette sockets, 2x Anderson plugs and 1x Dual USB socket into the custom panel. 

After that, we installed the interior lights on each canopy door and wired in the dimmer switches as requested. While there we also ran some additional wires for exterior lights to be fitted once the canopy is painted. Next, we installed the Enerdrive Solar Panel to the roof of the canopy, making it also easy to remove in case the customer needs to take it off. To fit the Slimline Lithium Battery, we fabricated a custom mounting bracket and fitted it beside the control panel in the canopy. 

As an added feature, we wired in the canopy locking system to the vehicle’s central locking. This means the customer can lock their entire vehicle with the push of a button. We also wired two spare central locking outputs to the rear of the tray for under tray tool boxes to be fitted at a later date.

As you can see we are more than happy to tailor an install to our customer’s needs no matter how specific. If you have a dual battery system that doesn’t seem to be working as well as it used to, or if you want to upgrade your existing system to a complete off-grid solution, get in touch today. We have technicians on hand who can come up with a customised solution to suit your 12 volt needs. You can call us at 5479 6652 or contact us online.