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Recently we fitted this custom Ford Ranger PX In-Cab Dual Battery System.

On this Ford Ranger PX In-Cab Dual Battery System we installed:

  • 100 A/hr LEAD CRYSTAL® Slimline Battery
  • Redarc 1240D 40amp DC-DC charger
  • Custom Power Panel in Canopy
  • Red Anderson for Solar Input
  • Grey Anderson for Connection to Canopy

This customer had a removable canopy on the back of their Ford Ranger PX. This meant the system in the canopy needed to be disconnectable when the canopy is removed. Our technician created a custom panel that was fitted in the canopy which included the fuse box, 2 grey Anderson plugs, a voltmeter and negative stud.  The technician then fitted another red and grey Anderson to the headboard of the tray to enable easy disconnection/connection with the canopy. 

The battery setup behind the seat had to be modified slightly due to the fuse box being located in the canopy. To accommodate this, the technician installed Midi fuses on the battery system bracket for the charge supply in and out of the canopy. 

What are the advantages of our In-Cab Dual Battery System? 

This is the ultimate solution for Utes and Dual Cab vehicle that can’t fit a battery under the bonnet. We have engineered a complete dual battery system that can fit behind the rear seat. For the ultimate performance system, we can fit a Lead Crystal® 100 Ah battery, a Redarc 40 amp BCDC, an 8 circuit fuse box, Solar input and Anderson  connected to your charge system to charge the battery while you’re driving (check out the photos below)

This solution is perfect as it mounts behind the rear seat and is wired to your charge system to charge the battery while your driving. We can also run cable to plugs or sockets anywhere in the vehicle to power any of your devices (fridges, work lights etc.)

Why use Lead Crystal® Batteries?

Lead Crystal® Batteries will charge 3 times faster than a standard AGM and will handle regular discharging much better than a standard AGM. This system will excel in running a fridge, compressor and any other accessories. 

Bang for buck the Lead Crystal® Battery represents great value. If you look at the cycle life versus the cost, it is a clear winner over Deep Cycle AGM Batteries. This amazing battery delivers remarkable cycle life (6000 cycles @ 20% and 3800 cycles @ 50% depth of discharge and 1400 cycles @ 80% depth of discharge).

We can customise a Dual Battery System to suit your vehicle and your needs. Whether it is under-bonnet, under-tray, in-cab, portable or fixed, we have a solution to keep you powered up on the road and off the beaten track.