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Recently we fitted out a custom Isuzu MUX Dual Battery Charging System.

For this Isuzu MUX Dual Battery Charging System we installed:

  • Enerdrive DC2DC 40+ Battery Charger
  • Grey Anderson Plug
  • Red Anderson Plug

The customer already had their own portable battery box so we installed the Enerdrive DC2DC Charger to charge their auxiliary battery from the vehicle’s starting system. We installed a Grey Anderson plug in the vehicle so the customer can connect the battery box securely to the DC2DC Charger. We also installed a Red Anderson plug in the back of the vehicle so the customer can connect up a solar panel to charge to their auxiliary battery when the vehicle is not running.

We can customise a Dual Battery Charging System to suit your vehicle and your needs. Whether it is under-bonnet, under-tray, portable or fixed, we have a solution keep you powered up on the road and off the beaten track. If you would like any more information about the 12 Volt power options available for your vehicle or caravan, give us a call on 5479 6652 or contact us online.