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Recently we completed a full rewire and accessory install on a Land Rover Defender 110 Series 2

This job was certainly a huge job for the Auto Electricians at Accelerate. We spent a fair bit of time working on this vehicle. On this Land Rover Defender, we completed a full engine rewire, we replaced a few parts, installed some new items and tidied up the wiring across the whole vehicle.

Here’s what we did…

To start the massive job, our specialized auto electricians re-wired the engine bay. To do this, they removed all the existing start and charge circuits as well as the ignition wiring and then made a whole new engine bay harness specifically customized for the vehicle, then began the rewiring process of the start, charge circuits and the ignition circuits. The fuse box was relocated to an easy to access location and all the fuses and relays were remounted.

Once the vehicle was re-wired, the technician discovered that the ignition coil was faulty due to the immobiliser that was fitted. The immobiliser was removed, the ignition coil replaced and a central locking kit was installed in place of the immobiliser to allow the central locking to work as normal. The module was relocated behind the dash to eliminate a cluttered dash. A new Tekonsha P2 Electric Brake Controller was installed to replace the faulty one in the vehicle and the UHF was moved to a more convenient location.

We also found there was a battery drain caused by improper isolation of the batteries. We fixed this by installed a Redarc SBI12 Battery Isolator into the dual battery system with a manual override button fitted into the dash. The SBI12 protects the start battery from excessive discharge, whilst allowing the auxiliary battery to supply non-essential loads.

The technician also replaced multiple LED lights in the vehicle, including a rear exterior light, interior map lamp and spotlight on the front of the vehicle. We also fitted new switches into the dash to control the newly replaced lights. We also tidied up all the wiring for solar inputs and charge feeds to ensure everything was working as it should be.

This was a massive job for our technicians and it was a great experience to work on such an iconic touring vehicle. If you have an older vehicle that is in need of a bit of an electrical facelift, or you just want to get some accessories installed to charge your modern day devices, contact us today or give us a call on 07 5479 6652.