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Recently we completed a Mazda BT50 Behind Seat Dual Battery System and Towing Set Up.

We came up with a custom solution to suit this customer’s vehicle. They already had an existing drawer system in the tub of the vehicle, and wanted quite a few things installed, so we adapted the fit out to suit.

Here are the main components that were fitted:
The Install:

First up we got the area behind the rear seat of the Mazda BT50 ready for the battery tray. Next the technician ran the wires for the DC-DC charger, Electric Brake Controller, Safety Dave Camera Integration and other plugs/sockets. We then fitted the various components to our custom built battery tray, fitted the tray in position behind the rear seat and wired everything up. Next we installed the battery and wired accordingly. The technician then installed the Redarc TowPro Elite. After that we installed the VSR, circuit breaker and midi fuses in the engine bay and wired to the starting battery accordingly.

At the rear of the vehicle we wired the trailer plug with the new power feeds and installed the Woza cable for the Rear Vision Camera integration. For this customer we integrated the rear vision camera feed into their existing dash display. Finally we installed the Anderson Plugs, cigarette sockets, USB ports and fuse box in the tub of the vehicle. Due to the complexity of this system many of the sockets, plugs and fuses were clearly labelled to help the customer navigate their system.

Once everything was tested, we put the rear seat back in the Mazda BT50 and it was ready to hit the road!


If you have a Mazda BT50 or dual cab ute, we can customise a Dual Battery System to suit your vehicle, your needs and your budget. Whether it is under-bonnet, behind-seat, portable or fixed, we have a solution to keep you powered up on the road and off the beaten track.