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Recently we replaced the Starter Motor on a Mitsubishi Pajero NP

Our Mobile technician went on site to a Mitsubishi Pajero that was having problems starting. Upon inspection of the vehicle, the technician diagnosed a faulty starter motor. We replaced the starter motor on site and the Mitsubishi Pajero was back up and running as usual.

If your starter motor needs replacing generally the car will be present with one of the following:

  • Clicking noise upon starting (kind of like a machine gun sound)
  • Sluggish to Start or
  • Won’t Start

If the car is sluggish to start but still starts we recommend replacing the starter motor as soon as possible. If you don’t and continue to start the car while it is sluggish you put a strain on the battery and cables which can result in a burnt battery or cables.

Have you noticed your car showing some of the symptoms we have listed above? Here at Accelerate Auto Electrics we can run a free start and charge test on your vehicle to determine if your starter motor is in need of replacing. Give us a call on 07 5479 6652 to chat with one of our technicians or contact us online.