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You’re in a frantic rush, you’re running late. You finally get out the door and into the car and… the car won’t start. Aside from being because you’re in a rush, there are a number of reasons a car suddenly won’t start.

Faulty Battery

Symptoms: The starter will slowly turn the engine. Lights are dim or not working and the radio doesn’t work.

Solution: A dying battery can be fixed with a Jumpstart, push start (if manual) or recharge. Check the battery cables first though to make sure they simply haven’t come loose as well as the cable heads to ensure they are clean and clear for proper conduction.

Alternatively, you can call our Mobile Service to come and give your car a quick charge and check over.

Dead Battery

Symptoms: Starter doesn’t operate; no sound from the engine, lights and radio don’t work at all.

Solution: Time to replace the battery! If you’re in a hurry our Mobile service technician can bring a replacement battery and fit it for you. Alternatively, we have a range of batteries available in-store.

Starter Motor Problems

Symptoms: There is a clicking noise when ignition key is turned to start position. Starter doesn’t work but lights and radio still works.

Solution: This is not what you want to hear when running late, but this problem usually signifies the need for a new start motor. Best solution is to get an auto electrician out to have a look and confirm the problem.

Faulty Ignition Switch

Symptoms: There is no sound coming from the engine but the lights and radio are working.

Solution: This screams faulty ignition switch, wiring or solenoid. Another one that is going to require getting a mobile auto electrician to out to have a look.

Starter Motor Turns Engine But Engine Doesn’t Start

Symptoms: You can hear the starter motor turning the engine but the engine won’t actually start.

Solution: Most often, this means you have no fuel. Topping your car up with fuel will more often than not fix your problem. If you do have fuel in the car it could be a result of a broken fuel hose.

Engine Flooded With Fuel

Symptoms: The starter motor turns the engine but nothing happens. After awhile the smell of petrol is in the air.

Solution: This mostly happens to old cars without Electronic Fuel Injection and means the engine is flooded with fuel. Sometimes you can wait to see if the petrol evaporates from the engine, but the best course of action is call out an auto electrician as soon as possible.

These are the most common complaints of owners whose car’s haven’t started. If you’ve got an altogether different problem on hand please feel free to give us a call on 1300 CAR ELEC and we’ll help bring your car back to life.