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Recently we fitted out a Nissan Navara PH with a custom Dual Battery System.

Recently we had a Nissan Navara come into our workshop experiencing issues with their Dual Battery System, our specialised technicians found that the all the relevant wiring associated with the Dual Battery had been completely burned out due to a faulty ground. To repair this we had to completely replace the system.

We installed a new starting battery, a new auxiliary battery, attached a 20 Amp DC-DC Battery Charger to regulate and charge the auxiliary battery, and replaced all the old, damaged wiring in the Navara.

If you are experiencing any faults or issues with your existing system, the team at Accelerate Auto specialise in professional Dual Battery replacement and repair. We can also customise a new Dual Battery System to suit your vehicle and your needs. Whether it is under-bonnet, under-tray, portable or fixed, we have a solution keep you powered up on the road and off the beaten track.

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