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This week we completed a Toyota Camry MCV36R Starter Motor Replacement.

This Toyota Camry MCV36R was towed to our Maroochydore workshop with starting faults. After inspection, the technicians diagnosed a faulty starter motor.  If your starter motor needs replacing generally the car will be present with one of the following:

  • Clicking noise upon starting (kind of like a machine gun sound)
  • Sluggish to Start or
  • Won’t Start at all

If the car is sluggish to start but still starts we recommend replacing the starter motor as soon as possible. If you don’t and continue to start the car while it is sluggish, you will put excess strain on the battery and cables which can result in a burnt battery or cables.

If you think there is an issue with your car’s starting system, we offer free start & charge tests at our Maroochydore workshop. Contact us today for more info, call 07 54796652 or email us here.