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Today we fitted out a Toyota Hilux with a custom Dual Battery System.

On this Toyota Hilux Dual Battery System we installed:

  • Dual Battery System
  • Smart Battery Isolator (SBI12)
  • 2 X Anderson Plug

We installed a Smart Battery Isolator (SBI12) to the Dual Battery. The SBI12 is a safe way to charge your Dual Battery setup, as well as protecting your batteries from excessive discharge. This ensures that while travelling you are not draining your starting battery from any other power sources, like the fridge or batteries in your caravan.

One of our other installations was an Anderson plug. The Anderson plug is used for the charging circuit that runs cables from your Vehicle to your Caravan, the cables are connected to the Vehicle battery and the Caravan battery to charge both units. To read more about Anderson Plugs, click here!

Along with this, we completed an Air Conditioning service, including Regas with UV Dye. If you are experiencing any troubles with your Air Conditioning click here.

We can customise a Dual Battery System to suit your vehicle and your needs. Whether it is under-bonnet, under-tray, portable or fixed, we have a solution keep you powered up on the road and off the beaten track. If you would like to contact the friendly team at Accelerate Auto Electrics for a specialised quote on Dual Battery Setup or AC Inspection. Contact us here!