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This is a something that almost all car owners have experienced. The dreaded sound of silence when you go to start your car. There are several reasons why your car now has a flat battery, but we have listed a few of the more common ones below:

1. The interior lights were left on

Not all cars automatically turn off the interior lights when the engine is switched off. Before you leave your car check all the doors are fully closed and the lights have turned off.

2. The headlights were left on

Most cars will make a noise to alert you that your headlights are still on and some even turn themselves off. The best way to check your headlights are off is to walk past the front of your car.

3. The battery has come to the end of its life

Most Batteries will last for approximately 4 years for the average car. Recharging it may help but this is a temporary fix and a replacement is recommended.

4. Faulty Battery

Like most products, batteries are also subject to manufacturing errors. Get an auto electrician to check it out – it may still be covered under warranty.

5. The alternator may not be working

The alternator charges the battery while the engine is running. If there is not enough charge flowing back to the battery a warning light should appear on your dash. If this occurs you should get the alternator and battery looked at straight away.

6. Electrical overload

Using several electrical accessories in your car while the car is parked will start to drain your battery. If you are going to leave things charging in your car you should leave the engine running or explore a dual battery option.

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