If you are getting ready to dust of the camper or caravan for the upcoming holidays, here are out tips for how to prepare for your Christmas camping trip.

Unless you are one of the fortunate few who get to travel the road full time, chances are your caravan sits idle for extended periods through out the year. If that is the case, there are a few things you probably want to check before you hit the road.

In this instance we’ll assume you’ve already completed the usual pre-trip safety checks (like tyre pressure, wiring, trailer brakes and wheel bearings etc.). And that you’ve already filled the gas bottles and checked the caravan’s battery system.

Instead, we are going to cover off a couple of things you might have forgot about or overlooked while the caravan has been sitting idle. Most of these you’ll want to do a couple of days before heading off on your trip. 

Check for unwelcome residents

In the lead up to your trip take the time to open up your van to check for things such as spiders, ants, cockroaches or snakes. I’d suggest going in armed with a can of bug spray and a broom, just in case.

Clear everything out

If your fridge has been closed up since your last trip, there is a chance it is now harbouring some nasty mould. Give is a once over before you power it up. Once it’s clean, turn it on to check everything is operating as it should be. 

Freshen up

If your tanks have been sitting with water in them, you want to make sure there isn’t anything that’s started to grow in there. Before you refill, make sure you empty everything out and give it a good clean. 

Check that door

Next, you want to have a good run over your cupboards and doors. Sticky hinges, broken latches and doors that don’t close properly might seem minor, but they can get very annoying when you’re on the road. Plus you don’t want things falling out of your cupboards while your travelling. 

Final Inspection

Once you’ve finished inside, the last step is to check the outside before you head off. Make sure everything is in it’s travelling position, and everything is latched down and secure. Finally, check all your hitches and plugs are securely connected and fully functional.