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Geez, I have a love/hate relationship with technology. I love that if I need to know how long to boil an egg, a quick search on the phone and I have the exact time based on how hard/soft I want the yolk. I love keeping up to date with my friends & family every second of every day via emails, Facebook, Instagram, Snapcat, SMS & Twitter. But what I hate is… well pretty much all the same as what I love… and the constant need for a USB charging port to charge up my phone or the iPad.

When we go camping what I look forward to the most is switching off (technology that is). But soon reality hits – either in the car on the way there (if the trip is over 15min, which seems to be my kids limit for entertaining themselves) or when we get to the campsite. We are trying to setup camp and Mr 2yr old wants to help hammer in the pegs for the awning (insert vision of a trip to the hospital with a smashed toe). I end up putting my “switch off” standards out the door and planting him in front of my phone watching Daniel Tiger on Netflix. Another favourite is when he wakes up at 5am and starts screaming out the windows of the caravan “birdies mummy, they are up early”. Once again lose my standards and reach for the iPad and a Thomas the Tank engine game.

If your family is much the same then we need to hook you up with some USB ports. OMG how I love them, I’d happily have 5 in both the car and caravan. One for the iPhone, iPod, iPad, camera, and that is just for me, let alone the kids or Andrew’s gadgets. So here are a few snaps of some USB charging ports we have installed in cars, caravans and camper-trailers. Really we can mount them anywhere you want…


These were installed into our Jayco Outback caravan. Right next to the couch and main bed. With a nice long cord attached, you can use your phone plugged in while in bed. That’s a win in my books!

This is my absolute favourite! A USB & 12vot socket installed into the rear console of the car. This allows you to charge the gadgets while they are being used by the back seat bandits.

Here are a few of our portable dual battery boxes that are kitted out with USB charging ports. These are generally installed in the rear tray of a dual cab ute. The benefit of portable battery boxes means you can take them out and charge up wherever you want.

We really can mount USB Ports anywhere.This camper trailer had spots for 14 USB devices to be charged at once. That should keep the whole family powered up.

Hopefully, this has given you a few ideas on where we can mount some USB charging ports in your car, caravan or camper. If you would like us to hook you up, give us a call or fill out our contact form here.


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