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Don’t let the chill of winter deter you from an amazing camping holiday. So much fun can be had in the outdoors when the temperature drops.

Winter usually means less crowds and being the off-peak season – cheaper rates.

Gather the family, and with just a slightly little more preparation, you can be perched fireside, with a nice toasty coffee, hot chocolate or red wine enjoying the idyllic horizon of a winter sunset.

Staying warm is essential in enjoying a winter canvas break and isn’t hard to do, if you plan ahead.

Layer up

Take more clothes than you think you’ll need. Layer up when getting dressed in the morning, so it’s easy to shed outer layers as the sun heats things up. The extra clothes also come in handy when the temperature unexpectedly takes a dramatic dip during the night.

Stay High and Dry

The hardest time to stay warm is at night. Plan ahead by purchasing a warm and well insulated sleeping bag. Take extra blankets, including some for under your sleeping mattress. If you can, avoid using an air mattress. The gap between your body and the ground will just be cold air. The trick is to make underneath you as insulated as possible as this is the most important key to staying warm and asleep. Self inflating or foam mattresses are a good option.

Filling up heatproof (the kind that don’t melt) bottles or water bottles with hot water and tucking them into your sleeping bag or bed before you get in is also a great way to stay warm.

It’s all a Head Game

 Most of the body’s heat is lost from the head so keeping that noggin’ warm is one of the easiest ways to beat the chill. Beanies are awesome to wear during the day, but they can also be slept in. Plus, they look cool and ‘beanie hair’ is so “in” this Winter.

Stay Active and Hydrated

Staying active during the day is a great way to stay warm. But it’s also important to keep hydrated. Too cold to drink cold water? Fill a thermos and drink warm water instead.

If camping in the chill still isn’t appealing to you, you could always head north. Here are some great camping spots located in the warmer, northern end of Queensland:


Carnarvon Gorge Camping AreaCarnavon

Boasting towering white sandstone cliffs, breathtaking side gorges and some of Australia’s finest Aboriginal rock art, this 160-million-year-old natural wonder is tucked away in Carnarvon National Park in Queensland’s Central Highlands.

However, camping is only permitted here during Queensland’s Easter, Winter and Spring School Holidays. To find out more visit www.nprsr.qld.gov.au.

Middle Creek Camping Area

With picturesque beachfront on one side and lush rainforest on the other, Middle Creek Camping Area located in Eurimbula National Park is the perfect beach getaway for those wanting to escape the chill. The Park is 10Km from Seventeen Seventy and 13Km from Agnes Water – both towns are ideal jumping off points to reach the outer barrier reef. With fishing, hikes and surfing in the towns, there is plenty to do. A short, steep walk will take you Ganoonga Noonga, which offers breathtaking views over Bustard Bay. To find out more visit www.nprsr.qld.gov.au.

Smalleys Beach Camping Area

Located in the Cape Hillsborough National Park, this area is renowned for beautiful beaches nestled between rocky headlands.  As a result of volcanic activity millions of years ago, Rhyolite boulders dot the sand. The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is very close by and offers boating and fishing, however stingers and crocodiles can be common during May – October. To find out more visit www.capehillsboroughresort.com.au.

Jardine River National ParkJardine

Only accessible during the dry season – May to October, Jardine River National Park lies at the remote northern tip of Cape York Peninsula and is for the serious 4wd Adventurer. Home to the beautiful Fruit Bat Falls and Eliot Falls, Jardine River offers a true wilderness experience. Beach fishing is allowed at Captain Billy Landing and Ussher Point but keep in mind, these waters are still part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park so check fishing restrictions beforehand. To find out more visit www.nprsr.qld.gov.au.

Long hot showers, nice hot cuppas and heart warm meals are also all easy to have with a good solar panel system. Call us today on 1300 car elec to find out how we can keep you warm on your winter camping adventures.

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