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Check out our video on why you should switch out your 12 pin plug for an Anderson plug…

Hi, here we are this afternoon to explain to you about fridge feeds going through 12-pin plugs and charge feeds. One of the things we see a lot. It’s quite hard to explain to people sometimes is people charging through the 12-pin plug and trying to charge up to two batteries. We see an awful lot of pin melts because it’s just too much current going through the 12 pin plug. It’s not designed to handle a charge feed or some through a fridge that is up to 6 amps. What we always recommend and we do, well in this situation we’ve had to replace the, pulled the charge feed out and we’ve put an Anderson plug on.

We’ve had to replace the 12 pin plug with another plug here. Obviously, we’ve eliminated the charge feed from the 12 pin plug and we’ve run it through the Anderson plug. That’ll solve the problem. It won’t happen again. Thank you.

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