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12 Volt accessories for Jayco Caravan

Take a tour of Briohny and Andrew’s 12 Volt accessories for Jayco Caravan the Outback Swan added to ensure they can stay powered up without connecting into the grid.

Hey, I’m Briohny with Accelerate Auto Electrics. We’re just going to take you on a bit of a tour of our Jayco Outback Swan and show you how we’ve got all of our power set up to stay off the grid, and we’re not reliant on caravan parks or power supply when we’re camping. Come inside.

Under this seat over here, we’ve got two 125 amp hour batteries and a Redarc battery management system. We’ve got the 1230 model. The Redarc BMS has got the solar, the 240 volt, and also the Anderson Plug from the car all feeding into it and charges the batteries from whichever option you’ve got plugged in. The Redarc BMS system eliminates the need to have a 240 volt charger, a BCDC, and a solar regulator. This display unit here shows you how much charge you’ve got left in your batteries, what input your solar is putting into the batteries, and also your usage, so what sort of percentage you’ve got left and how much you’re currently using. You can switch between different lights and see what each light draws from your batteries while in use.

Under the seat that I’m sitting on, we’ve got a two and a 2500 watt inverter. That allows us to run our power points and also our microwave, so we can plug anything into them and charge them whether it be your iPhone. We’ve got an espresso pod coffee machine in here, and I have even been known to take my hair straightener with me on the road.

We’ve done a few upgrades as well. We’ve also got a few USB points all over the camper, so we can plug any USB cords in there to charge. We have put a pump in on the, so it runs off the power rather than using the hand pump to get all your water up and out of the spout, we just flick a switch, and we’ve got water. We’ve also converted all of our lights in the caravan to LEDs, so they use dramatically less power than the standard bulbs that they come with.

For the outside of the caravan, we’ve also converted our light to LED. We can put as many of these units in as you want. They’re about 40 dollars for the actual unit with LED bulbs in there, and we also fixed to our annex some LED strip lighting as well.

We’ve got three cables that we connect up before we go. The first is your standard 12 pin plug. This works all your indicators and brake lights in the caravan from the car. It also runs the fridge while you’re driving. We have then got an Anderson plug. Now, this allows the car to charge the batteries in the caravan while driving, and we’ve also got a Polaris in-dash multimedia centre that’s got some reverse cameras attached to it. We’ve got a little reverse camera down here, and we’ve also got one on the back of the caravan, so it allows us to see either the caravan when you’re hooking up or behind the caravan when you’re driving, which is great for overtaking, so we’ve got the wazza cable here that connects the cameras to the car as well.

With this current setup, we can stay off the grid without connecting up and charging our batteries for about a week. We’ve then also got a fixed solar panel on the roof, so that way when the sun is shining, we can completely charge our batteries and stay off the grid for as long as we want to.

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Thanks for watching my tour of our Jayco Outback Swan’s 12 volt accessories. For any more tips, watch our YouTube’s channel. Thanks for watching Accelerate Auto Electrics.

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