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It’s a hot day, you’ve driven to the shops and when walking back to your car you notice a big patch underneath your car. You’re wondering why your Car Air Conditioning Leaks!  After initially panicking you remember it’s normal for your car’s AC to leak fluid on a hot day. But why does it leak and how much is normal?

Firstly, why does your car AC leak fluid?

When you run the A/C, moisture from the air condenses and accumulates in the system. It will then drain from the system on the ground under the car, via a rubber hose.

The hotter and more humid the air the faster condensation occurs and the more liquid you’ll find puddling under the passenger side of your car.

Why My Car Air Conditioning Leaks

What’s normal?

The liquid that occurs due to the condensation process in your AC system should be clear with no smells.

If there is colour or an odour associated with any liquid leaking from your car it could be a sign of a problem that may need fixing.

Other leaks.

Blue fluid is usually windscreen washer solvent and isn’t anything serious. Check the Windscreen washer fluid bottle and tubes for any holes.

Green is coolant and usually signifies a leak relating to the radiator. Left unchecked the car could overheat and breakdown. Coolant also known as anti-freeze is toxic and dangerous to have leaking from your vehicle with animals around. The sweet smell and taste appeals to pets especially cats.

A leak which is red, brown or yellow could be either engine oil, brake fluid, transmission oil or power steering fluid and will require a mechanic to diagnose and repair.

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