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Top Ten Things To Take When Driving on The Beach

Hey guys, Briohny here from Accelerate Auto Electrics and Air Conditioning. Today we’re going to take you through the top ten things to take when driving on the beach.

1. Permit

First thing is a permit if you’re driving on the beach in Queensland, you need to get a permit for most places from National Parks of Wildlife.

2. Tyre Deflator

A second one is some sort of way to deflate your tyres. We use these Staun tyre deflators. There’s four of them in here. They’re preset to 18 PSI and we pop one on each tyre and it quickly deflates them all. Tyre pressure is the most critical thing you control when on the beach. In sand especially, this is the easiest way to make recovery simple, safe and quick. Don’t be afraid to let your tyres down a bit more if needed. It does make a huge, huge difference.

3. Air Compressor

Another one then is a compressor. So if you’re going to let your tyres down, once you’re off the beach you need to pump them back up. So if there’s not a service station nice and close by for you to do that, I’d suggest having a compressor hooked up into your car.

4. Shovel

The next one, long-handed shovel. If you do get stuck this is the best way to get yourself out, is to start digging.

5. Snatch Strap

We’re going to also suggest taking a snatch strap with you, so if you do get stuck and you can’t get yourself out with the shovel, you might need another car to snatch you out. So a snatch strap is vital as well.

6. Shackles

To hook up the snatch strap to your car or to the car that’s recovering you, you want to take some shackles, so generally two of these, one for the car that’s recovering you and one for your car to hook it on.

7. Bridle

If you’ve got two tow points on your car, quite often you’ll use a bridle an so you’ll need an extra shackle, so that’ll attach to the two tow points and then into your snatch strap.

8. Rated Recovery Point

It’s also really good to ensure that your car has been kitted out with four wheel drive acceptable recovery point. Very few four wheel drives come standard out of the factory with recovery points that are suitable for four wheel drive if you’re snatching or if you’re winching out. So they’ll come with tow points or tie points, but these are generally just if you’re on the road and you’re getting towed onto a tow truck, and they also use them to tie down on the tow truck.

9. UHF Radio

Another one, UHFO radio, especially important if you’re out of mobile phone reception, that way you can contact someone else if there’s no one nearby.

10. MAXTRAX (or equivalent)

And last of all, MAXTRAX or something equivalent. So once you’ve dug out with the shovel, it’s really good to put these down and they quite often will give you enough grip to get you out of the sand.

That’s Briohny from Accelerate Auto Electrics and Air Conditioning, with the top 10 things to take when driving up the beach this summer for driving. For any more tips and tricks follow our YouTube channel or check out our blog AMAE.net.au/blog. Or drop us an email on info@amae.net.au.