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What could be worse than being away on a family holiday and having something pinched from your caravan or worse the caravan pinched? It does happen. Caravans are mostly an easy target for would-be thieves. But with simple steps and inexpensive security products, you can protect your caravan, valuable items and your family holiday.


How to Secure your Caravan when it’s at home or in storage

1. Coupling Lock

A coupling lock has two uses. Firstly you can use it to lock the caravan to your car if you are leaving the car and caravan parked somewhere. Secondly it can be used when the caravan isn’t hitched to the car by inserting it into your caravan’s coupling and is locked in place with a key preventing the caravan from being hooked up to the tow bar of a thief’s vehicle. Attach one to your caravan anytime it is parked and not hooked up to your tow vehicle.

2. Wheel Clamp/Lock

The best way to prevent theft is to deter thieves, and that is exactly what a wheel clamp (also know as a wheel lock) will do. A wheel clamp locks onto the caravan’s wheel preventing it from moving. The top range products are built with composite metals, resistant to cutting, drilling and gas freezing. The time and effort required to remove a wheel clamp forcibly are enough to deter even the most brazen of thieves.

3. Security Post

Security posts are a popular item among caravanner’s for the security of caravans when parked at home. A security post is an extra piece of equipment separate from the caravan to deter thieves. Placed in the driveway or in the path of the caravan’s exit a key is required to remove the post to enable the van to exit freely.

4. Storage

Whether you’re going to keep your caravan at home or in storage facility check the security of the location. If storing in an offsite storage facility be sure to ask about surveillance, security measures and don’t be afraid to ask about any previous issues with caravan break-ins.

5. GPS Tracking

 Ah, technology is incredible isn’t it? Hide a small GPS tracker inside your caravan. If it is stolen you and the police can easily track the caravan’s location and hopefully get it back in the condition, it was taken in and nab the thieves in the process

Secure your Caravan when travelling and in caravan parks

6. Lock up

If you’re going to leave your caravan, even for a few minutes, make sure it is locked. Thieves are opportunists, and it can only take a matter of minutes for them to get away with your valuable items. If leaving the caravan site to lock up equipment such as portable fridges, BBQ’s or portable solar panels inside the van and not just in the zipped annexe.

7. Location Location Location

Be mindful of your caravan’s security when picking a camp spot in a caravan park. Park in sight of other caravans and campers; and away from the exit. Again, deterrence is key. It will be difficult for a thief to pinch a caravan in the view of other campers and navigate it through a caravan park.

8. Keep Valuables Out Of Sight

Not all thieves are after the caravan. Many thieves will just be looking for the valuable contents inside your van. Keep them locked away and out of sight. Invest in a small safe if you will be taking valuable or expensive equipment on the road with you. It’s always a good idea to keep curtains closed when not with your caravan.

9. Security Camera

 A visible security camera on the outside of the van can be an excellent way to deter thieves, (whether it’s real or not.) There is a great range of security cameras on the market for both the outside and inside of Caravans. There are also stickers available stating cameras have been installed on the inside of the caravan.

10. Alarm System

An alarm system for your caravan is much the same as one for you car, it could be setup so if they door is opened it goes off or like a home one it could be set to go off if motion is detected. These deafening alarms will startle the intruder, alert your neighbours that something is going on and you can even have one’s that alerts your mobile phone when it is set off.

11. Automatic Lights

Just like in your home, we can wire up a motion sensor light to the outside of your caravan so it will detect movement when someone approaches the caravan and automatically turn on and put them in the spotlight.  It usually just startles them and makes them keep on walking.  These come in LED so it won’t use up to much energy. They are also great for those midnight visit’s to the toilet.

12. Insurance

No matter what steps you take to ensure the security of your caravan and belongings bee sure to check the fine details of your insurance policy. It’s also a very good idea to insure the contents of your caravan as well. Evaluate the contents of your caravan before trips and take photos of the inside and outside of your caravan especially any distinctive markings or paint work.

In the 20 years, we have been servicing the Sunshine Coast we have seen it all – We’ll happily advise you on the best security measures for your caravan and family.

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