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Hi All,
Welcome back to our Jayco Outback Swan pop top camper trailer.
We’ve had our Jayco for 2 years and absolutely love it, however, there is just one problem all people with pop top campers (not matter what brand) talk about, and that is the lack of camper trailer storage.

Today I’m going to show you our top 9 camper trailer storage solutions, so come inside.

1. As soon as you walk in the door we have these stackable baskets. In these, we put all the things we use multiple times a day. Like Sunscreen, Mozzie Repellent, Baby Wipes…. The baskets cost $7 a set of 3 from Kmart.


2. Next, we have got a hanger for our tea towel, it is mounted using double sided tape, we have mounted it onto the fridge so it’s within easy reach of the sink, but you could mount it anywhere. This was $4.95 from Bunnings


3. On the roof we have mounted a paper towel holder, once again we have used double sided tape – this particular product can be screwed in if you wish. The paper towel holder was purchased from Bunnings for $3.65


4. We have purchased a collapsible hamper that we put all of our dirty clothes in, this is a small size from Kmart and it fits perfectly under the table, we just have to put it on the bed if we are sitting at the table having dinner. It’s also from Kmart and costs $7


5. On the side of our wardrobe, we have mounted a flexi storage double slot wall strip from Bunnings, you can get loads of different size baskets or shelves that clip onto it. We have got Medium and two large in the 435mm width. The wall strip stays fixed to the cupboard permanently and we take the baskets off to fold the camper up. The Wall Strip we bought is the 1206mm long, we did cut it down slightly. The strip cost $7 the medium basket $10.8 and the large ones were $12.80each = all up $43.40.




6. Over our hanging cupboard, we have this over the door basket. These could go over or inside any cupboard in the Jayco. These were purchased from Kmart for $8


7. Inside the wardrobe, we have fitted four shelves rather than just having it as hanging space. Andrew cut the shelves and screwed them into place. We did this awhile ago, all up I think it was around the $50 mark

8. Next, you can see these hanging baskets on the roof, called SkyTracks – you mount a 1metre long rail to the roof of the camper that allows you to hook on two bags, we have two rails fitted so 4 bags in total. Really you could go crazy with these and by my calculations, you could fit about 14 of these bags to the roof if you wanted to. We each have a bag for clothes, we keep the bags out of the camper and pack all the clothes into them at home and then just clip them up when we setup. This is by far my favourite camper trailer storage solution. All up the sky tracks with four bags cost $139.4

Starter Bundle – http://skytracks.com.au/shop-online/starter-bundle.html $114.4

Extra bag http://skytracks.com.au/shop-online/storage-bag-x-1-mid-grey.html $25

9. Outside the door, we have this box from Ikea. We pop all of our shoes into them. They cost $4.99


All up we have spent a total of $296.39 for all these storage solutions. All of them are ideas I’ve found on the Facebook group called “Jayco camper trailer owners Australia”

I hope these helped you with your camper trailer storage problems, for any more tips and tricks on 4WDing and caravanning follow our YouTube channel or check out our blog.

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