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Hi guys, Briohny here from Accelerate Auto Electrics and Air Conditioning on the Sunshine Coast. Today we’re just gonna run you through a quick job spotlight of an under bonnet dual battery system that we’ve installed on this 200 series Land Cruiser.

So the Land Cruisers, depending on which model you have, will either come with two starting batteries under the bonnet or one starting battery under the bonnet. This one here had one, so it’s nice and easy to upgrade because there is already space in the engine bay for that second dual battery or auxiliary battery to go in.

So basically, what we’ve done is we’ve put in a second battery in here. We’ve put in a REDARC BCDC1225D, which has great options with solar input for you. And then we’ve also put in some power outlets in the rear of the vehicle.

So, we’ll just take on a quick tour of what’s in here. Under bonnet here, we’ve put in a supercharge allrounder 105 amp power. We’ve kept the existing starting battery that the vehicle had. If you came out with an earlier model 200 series Land Cruiser, you would have had two starting batteries under bonnet. If you have the 200 series with two starting batteries under bonnet from factory, we like to replace both of them. We put a high powered starting battery in there and then the auxiliary battery.

We mounted the REDARC BCDC under this engine cover here and they’ve cut a hole in the engine cover so that you can see all the display and lights on the BCDC and then we’ve run the Anderson plug for the solar input up next to the auxiliary battery for ease of access.

So, in the rear of the car, we’ve mounted all your accessory sockets. So the top one here is the dual USB, they’re a fast port charge and then two cigarette sockets. So this is typically where you’d put your fridge and you can charge it all out of the back with the auxiliary battery.

So if you’re interested in getting an under bonnet dual battery system for your Toyota Land Cruiser or Prado, you can comment below, drop us an email at info@amae.net.au or give us a call on 1300 227 353.

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