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Hi guys, Briohny here from Accelerate Auto Electrics and Air Conditioning on the Sunshine Coast. Today we’re gonna run you through a quick job spotlight, a custom, in-cab Mazda BT50 Lead Crystal® Dual Battery System. 

This is one that we’ve put one in today and we’ll just show you in a little bit more detail, exactly what we’ve done. So we’ll start up the front of the car. So just behind the battery here under bonnet we’ve got a 250 amp midi fuse holder.

It’s got a 50 amp midi fuse down here as well. We’ve got a REDARC BCDC that goes behind the seat. It’s a 1240D, and so that needs 50 amp midi fuse.

So we then run an 8 B&S cable. Now that goes basically from the battery here and it runs up the engine bay and it runs down along inside the car and along the kick panel trim. It’s all hidden under there, and then it goes under the carpet in a void, and up behind the rear of the seat to where the battery is.

We’ll take you down the back and have a look at the other stuff that’s in the car. This is the custom alloy slimline bracket that we’ve had made. Also the 100 A/hr Slimline Lead Crystal Battery. What happens is your battery sits in the bracket and this is fitted behind the seat of the car. We’ve had the bracket made so that we can bolt it in so it’s all secure. It has a mount for the REDAC BCDC, the 1240D.

We’ve gone for the 1240D over the 1225 because the Lead Crystal Battery likes to be charged at about 30%. With 108 Amp hour battery, it needs like a minimum of 30 Amp hour’s going into it. We also have some tie down straps.

And then in here, we’ve got a 6-way fuse box, this allows us to run six different circuits out of here, and we can run them to wherever you need in the vehicle.

In this particular one, we’ve got them in the rear which we’ll show you in a second. And we’ve also got two Anderson plugs here, so our standard one comes with a solar input and them this has been charged from the battery.

For this particular vehicle, this one is already mounted in the car, but you’ve got two grey Anderson plugs and we actually have a solar output in the rear of the vehicle. This customer has requested that all of his power outlets be mounted in the rear of the car. They can be mounted wherever you want.

Typically in utes, people put their fridges and everything in the back here, so that’s where they like them. You can have any combination of outlets. This one has gone for a dual USB port. A voltmeter that’s reading the dual battery. It’s got two cigarette sockets.

It’s also got two Anderson plugs. The red one here is to input your solar into. Whether you have got a blanket, you’ve got a portable one or you could even put a fixed panel mounted one on the roof, that’s your solar input option.

And then you’ve also got an Anderson plug option, so you might be running a compressor, I don’t know, whatever you’ve got with an Anderson plug on it.

These mounts, or power outlets, can be mounted anywhere in the vehicle that you want to. These are all fused individually, so the Anderson plugs are each running a 6 mm cable, coming from the fuse box. The cigarette sockets have got a 5 mm cable each, and then there’s a fifth cable coming for the USB and the voltmeter.

In the rear of the car, we’ve now mounted the bracket, the battery, we’ve connected up all the cables. Now to get these in here we also had to move the jack mount and the tool bag mount. We actually pull the carpet back, cut them out, remount them and then bog and repaint it all in there, so there’s not gonna get any rust or anything like that.

This is pretty much all ready now to get rear seat back in and give back to the customer.

If you’d like a custom Lead Crystal® Dual Battery System in your dual cab, you can give us a call on 1300 227 353, comment below, or contact us online. 

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