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In today’s video, we feature a huge job that we completed on recently, the Ultimate Land Rover Discovery 4 Towing Setup for connecting up a new caravan. I’m gonna take you on a quick tour around it and let you know what we’ve installed.

Rear Vision Camera

The first thing that we have installed for these guys is a reverse camera. The screen for the reverse camera is mounted on the dash. Now, the camera for this is actually on the caravan. What this allows them to do is, while driving they can see behind you and it gives them the vision to see right behind the caravan and usually the two lanes either side. It’s fantastic when you’re driving on the freeway and need to overtake or merging lanes. You can see everything behind you. They are absolutely awesome and one of the must-haves I think when you have a caravan.

Electric Brake Controller

Next up, we have installed an electronic brake controller. As usual, we recommend the REDARC TowPro Elite. You can mount little dial for these anywhere. These guys have opted to have it mounted just down under the steering column.

Camera Feed & Trailer Plugs

At the rear of the vehicle, we’ve got several plugs that we’ve installed. The first one is what connects the camera. This plugs into the camera on the caravan and makes it work on the screen in the car. That tucks away neatly in here and we’ve got a plate that goes over the top of it.

The next one is the 12-pin plug. This connects everything in the vehicle to the caravan, so you turn your indicators on in the car, it’ll work the indicators in the caravan, also for brake lights and various other things.

We then fitted two Anderson plugs here. We’ve got the grey one and that charges the batteries in the caravan while you’re driving. This is a really great option so that you know when you arrive on site that the batteries are fully charged so you can set up to free camp and that sort of thing.

We’ve also now got a red Anderson plug here. We use the different colours to differentiate between what you need to connect to them. Red will only connect to red, grey will only connect to grey. And this one hooks up the electronic stability and control or the ESC. That is computerised technology that improves a vehicle’s stability by detecting and reducing the loss of traction or skidding. That means that the caravan that they have purchased is equipped with that. It doesn’t come standard with most caravans on the road.

That’s pretty much it, a really simple overview of this Land Rover Discovery 4 and the towing setup that we’ve done for it. If you do need any help or advice on what to set up in your car or caravan, you can give us a call on 1300 227 353 or comment below.