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When was the last time you had your AC System Serviced? For many people the response is usually, “Never” or “Wait, I need to get my AC Serviced?” If your response was similar to those, or you’re wondering if you should get your Car’s AC Serviced, we’ve outlined a few reasons why it might be time to book in your AC Service. 

How Your AC System Works

The AC System in your car works similarly to most other cooling or refrigeration systems. It extracts warm air from in the car or outside, runs it through a cyclical refrigeration system cooling the air and passing it back into the interior of the car. 

For more details on how AC Systems work check out our Car AC 101 blog post. 

Why Do I Need to Get my AC System Serviced? 

Like most other parts of your vehicle, your AC system is subject to wear and tear over time. When getting your AC system serviced, technicians are assessing the various components of the system to ensure everything is operating as it should be. With so many moving parts and pressurised components regular maintenance is one of the best preventative measures you can take to avoid costly repairs. 

How Often Should I get my AC System Serviced? 

We recommend getting your AC System Serviced every two years. Over time things like moisture, dust, debris, pet hair and bacteria build up in the various components in your AC system. If left unchecked, these build ups can cause damage to major components and may result in costly replacements or repairs. With regular maintenance these components can be inspected and any potential issues can be identified at an early stage. 

What we do during an AC service

Contrary to what many believe, there is much more involved in an AC service than just a simple regas or ‘top-up’. During our Air Conditioning Service, we complete the following:

  • Check the Temperature of the AC
  • Check A/C system pressure levels
  • Inspect for leaks (if UV dye is present)
  • Recover all gas from the system
  • Pressure Test with Nitrogen
  • Evacuate System
  • Re-gas system with R134a and UV dye.

In addition to the standard AC service, we can also provide replacement cabin/pollen filters and antibacterial treatments.

What happens if there is a leak or fault in my AC System?

If a technician identifies a leak or fault, we are unable to regas the system due to licencing restrictions on the refrigerant used in AC systems. The gas that is inside a car’s AC system is known as R134a. R134a is an ozone depleting substance and synthetic greenhouse gas and if released into the atmosphere, it can damage the ozone layer and have a negative impact on the environment. As ARCTick Licenced technicians we are required by law to fully inspect and repair any leaks prior to putting any refrigerant back in the system.

One of the biggest things we recommend is to not wait for your system to fail to get it checked. If you notice any changes in air flow, sounds, temperature or smells, get your AC system checked out as soon as possible. Don’t wait until it stops working altogether because chances are you will be up for a major repair if it gets to that point. 

Here at Accelerate Auto Electrics & Air Conditioning we offer a $97 Air Conditioning Service which includes a full inspection of the system and regas (provided everything is operating as it should be). If you would like to book your AC Service call us on 07 5479 6652 or book your service online.

Has it been over 2 years since your last AC Service?