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So you’ve got the new off-road camper, now you’ve got to make sure everything inside and outside it is all set to hit the rougher terrain.

Lets start with the outside of the van.

When you’re travelling for hours on unsealed roads it is a given that your van is going to cop some hits from rocks and gravel along the way. To keep your important bits protected we suggest insulating any exposed hoses, piping or wiring. You can use foam or firm rubber to cover them, keeping them out of harms way.

Another unavoidable part of caravanning, regardless of where you are travelling, is dust. Before you hit the road we suggest taking steps to seal any air gaps around cladding, moulding and windows. Be sure to also check these seals regularly during your journey as vibrations, heat and excess dirt on rough roads can cause seals to loosen or crack.

You want to make sure nothing on the outside of your van is going to be rattling around in its holder. Items such as gas bottles and jerry cans should fit snugly within their holders and should not move around. If you are getting some movement, adjust the latches or add in some additional padding around the item to keep it secure. 

Now lets look at the inside of the van.

First step is to leave the breakables behind. Replace any ceramic crockery with melamine or enamel alternatives. Also look at replacing glassware with plastic alternatives and transfer food stored in glass jars into plastic or metal storage containers. Not only will your items be a lot harder to break, you’ll also have the added bonus of saving a bit of weight in the caravan.

Adding non-slip liners in drawers and cabinets will also prevent your items from sliding around on those bumpy roads. The next step further is to get some drawer dividers and plastic storage boxes to store items in. Combining the two of these will give you the best chance at seeing your dishes still in one piece when you arrive at your destination.

When it comes to securing belongings both inside and outside the van it is useful to have some extra pieces of foam, as well as a collection of tie down straps and rope on hand. This will ensure you are prepared for any adjustments you might have to make to your load as you travel.

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