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Hi guys, Andrew here from Accelerated Auto Electrics and Air Conditioning. Here I am, twisted up in the back seat of a RAM, to show you a dual-battery system we’ve hidden under the seat.

This is a RAM 1500 Blackout Edition, so what we’ve done, we’ve fitted a full Enerdrive lithium system with all the goodies.

We’ve got a B-TEC 125 Amp hour lithium, we’ve got the DC2DC charger in the Enerdrive 40+, and we’ve also got a 40 Amp 240V charger. 

The other thing we’ve squeezed under here is a GME UHF, the box for it, and something different on this one, we’ve fitted an actual glass-mount aerial for the GME, so that’s pretty cool as well.

We found with these RAMs, we can fit up to two batteries underneath the seat and it all tucks away nicely underneath the seat so if you’ve got a RAM and you’re thinking dual-battery system and you look under your bonnet and you see there’s no room there, rather than putting it in the tub, we can utilise all this space.

With this one, the customer wants to run two fridges. So we’ll take you at the back and we’ll show you a heap of Anderson plugs and sockets we’ve put in the rear. And yeah, these RAMs are great for fitting out dual-battery systems we got heaps of room.

So in the rear of the RAM here, we’ve pretty much got Anderson plug central. The customer has got a heap of accessories that he wants to run all off Anderson plugs, we fitted two boxes, one on either side. And basically that’s just going to run everything he’s got. He’s also running a post here and the switches to switch the light on the post as a work light for when he’s out and about.

So if you just got yourself RAM and you wanna do some sort of dual battery system, plenty of options available in different sizes, give us a call on 1300 227 353 or email us at info@amae.net.au

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