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Hi guys, Andrew here from Accelerate Auto Electrics and Air Conditioning. If you’re watching this video, then you’ve probably stumbled across our custom battery box builder web page.

You can shop our custom products online here >> www.4wdcaravanelectrics.com.au

So on this web page, it allows you to basically build your own custom battery box exactly the way you’d like it.
We’re offering them in two different boxes. This is our standard box, and this is our heavy duty box.

With these boxes we’re offering pretty much every option you can think of as many cigarette sockets, USBs, voltmeters angles, even merit plugs and multiple Andersons. We can do power in-power out. We can also do regulated solar or unregulated solar in, and we can even do a combination of both.

So we’re also offering them with multiple DCDC chargers. So we can do the Redarc 1225D, 1240D, the MiniBoost or the Enerdrive. The MiniBoost and the Redarcs, so they can fit inside. The Enerdrive, we have to fit on the outside because of its cooling.

We’re offering multiple batteries so you can get AGM, Lead Crystal or Lithium Batteries.

And the other thing we’re doing is also once you specify your vehicle, we can give you a custom wiring
kit suited to your vehicle and that’ll take care of all the input charging feeds and basically an Anderson feed running from your battery to your back made specifically for your vehicle.

So if you’re thinking about a battery box and doing it yourself, by the time you add up all the parts by yourself, you’ll probably find these are quite cost-effective, no hassle and a good warranty.

If you’ve got any questions, give us a call on 1-300-227353, or give us a comment below.

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